A Doctor’s Visit and Diabetes

diabetesOlivia was sitting in her Doctor’s waiting room, thumbing through a fashion magazine, however, her mind was not on the book. She was frustrated and worried about the physical symptoms she’d been having for a while, and trying to remember all of them so she could tell the Doctor. So instead of reading the magazine, she decided to write down what was bothering her so she could remember what to share:

She wrote down she had:

  • Frequent urination
  • Always very thirsty
  • Losing a lot of weight lately
  • Very hungry all the time, no matter how much she eats
  • Her vision has become more blurry
  • Bruises are healing much too slowly
  • She feels tingling, pain and sometimes numbness in her hands and feet
  • Always feeling very tired
  • Very dry and itchy skin
  • Sometimes she feels nauseous or has stomach pains.

When she was finally called into the Doctor’s office (after a ¾ hour wait), she told him her symptoms and asked what he thought. He examined her thoroughly, checked her skin, especially, her feet and legs, and said, “Maria, I suspect you might have diabetes. We need to take some blood tests to check your sugar levels first to make sure.” Ultimately, the tests showed that Olivia did indeed have Diabetes.

The Doctor told Olivia that diabetes is a complex condition in which the body does not properly process food for use as energy. He said that most of the food eaten is turned into glucose or sugar, for your body to use to give you energy. The pancreas, makes a hormone called insulin to help the glucose get into the cells of your body. He said that when you have diabetes, your body either doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t use its own insulin as well as it should. This causes sugars to build up in your blood. He said he was concerned for Olivia, because Diabetes can cause serious health complications including heart disease, blindness, digestion, maybe diarrhea or constipation, kidney failure, nerve damage, some devastating complications and sometimes lower-extremity amputations (perhaps even Alzheimer’s disease). He told her that diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.

Olivia could barely comprehend what the Doctor was sharing. She kept thinking to herself, “Oh, my God, I’m going to die.” She was devastated and in shock, overwhelmed, and terrified. When he was telling her about the diabetes condition and the complications that could entail, it seemed to her that all time stood still, and as she watched his mouth talking, all she could think about was, ‘who was going to raise her three children?’ (She was divorced and raising them alone). She worried about how she could continue working as her health declined. She was in a panic and started to feel like there was some kind of out-of-space alien monster inside invading her body.

When she expressed some of these feelings to the Doctor, he sort of brushed her off and said there were ways to live with it, and he suggested she do a lot of research on diabetes on the Internet. It seemed to Olivia that he didn’t have any rapport, compassion or seem to care about her ‘encounter of hell’ or validate her ‘heart wrenching’ concerns of horror rather than acknowledging the legitimacy of her feelings.

The Doctor stoically said she had to stop worrying and commit to learning how to manage the diabetes by taking care of herself or else her diabetes would be life threatening. He said that her Diabetes treatment plan involves 3 areas.

  1. Olivia must start insulin therapy by learning how to do home glucose testing. He said she needs to learn to check her own blood sugar and when and what amount of insulin to take to maintain safety. He also said it is possible she may have to give herself insulin shots in the stomach area and/or take appropriate medicine depending on the insulin readings.
  2. The Doctor told her, “You will need to set up routine check-ups with me or a specialist to monitor the kidneys and condition of her feet and legs.”
  3. He said Olivia needed to change her eating habits drastically as well as a healthier lifestyle by going on a special diet. He told her she needs to establish a routine physical exercise program and eat a diet that is consistent and monitored especially for her and it is necessary to act quickly on managing her health.

The Doctor suggested she educate herself by doing research on the internet as to how to manage her illness. He also referred her to special classes to learn how to manage and understand her diabetes, (and how to give herself insulin shots. She actually had to stick herself with a needle! she thought,” I cannot do this.-ugh”. Also, she would learn how to Plan Healthier Meals, and how to recognize and treat high and low blood sugar. All this seemed so overwhelming to Olivia and she was beside herself with worry and confusion.

So, for the next few months, she visited several other Doctors for a second opinion, and not one of them had any compassion for her feelings. So, she began researching on Internet. Most of the information was much too clinical, too overwhelming and too conflicting. She was confused and very, very depressed.

She finally found Dr. Jay Apte, owner at Dr. Jay’s Ayurveda and Panchakarma Center. This Center offers authentic holistic treatments (Ayurveda and Panchakarma) to create balance and harmony at the body-mind-spirit level, one person at a time. Dr. Apte also has available tasty packaged and healthy meals based on the Ayurveda principles that you can order at your convenience. At the center, there are Health counselors to help clients ‘bring light’ into their life. This philosophy gave Olivia a strong sense of Hope in managing her illness in all the right ways.

Dr. Jay Apte’s mission is to provide clients with good health choices, by educating them that good health wisdom is a choice, and only powerful if you have the option of choosing right over wrong. She enables clients, individually, plus provides seminars and classes on health and wellness and how to choose the right behavior in each major area of daily living to help them develop the highest possible state of health now and into the future. She educates clients on Maharishi Ayur-eda, the world’s oldest and most comprehensive system of natural health diets to help those with their own unique body constitution, what foods that are right for each of them individually, learning the best life-style routines and how to de-stress. Dr. Apte also helps clients understand how to make positive changes in behavior which motivates them, and gives them hope in how to make more positive changes in behavior by managing their illness.

So, Olivia contacted Dr. Jay Apte and made an appointment, had individual sessions with her and attended all her seminars. She finally felt like someone heard her and cared. All of a sudden everything she learned made sense, easily understood, and provided Olivia with getting back some control over her health and life, and most of all Hope for the future.

Contact Information:
Ayuvedic College of America, Mountain View Ca.
Dr. Jay’s Health and Nature Wellness Center
2495 Old Middlefield way, Mountain View, CA
Email: info@ayuvida.com650.584.3123

So, if you asked Olivia what advice she would give to a person just diagnosed with Diabetes, she would strongly suggest that:

  • You pay close attention to managing your blood sugar.
  • Remember to test every single day, you don’t know your sugar levels unless you do.
  • Find a Doctor who is willing to work with you and has some compassion.
  • Ask your physician to use layman’s (not clinical) language when communicating with you, so you can better understand.
  • Be assertive with doctors when it comes to your health, and stand up for yourself, make sure you understand their reasons for diagnosis.
  • If you accept your illness, it will, make you stronger.
  • Take it one day at a time.
  • Make an appointment immediately with Dr. Jay Apte (see contact information above).

Why VedaFoods:

Are you open to learning new ways of living and eating a healthier lifestyle that will help maintain your blood sugar levels throughout your day? If so, VedaFoods is here to help you.

VedaFoods was created after three years of research and persistent efforts. The product is delicious, all natural, vegan, sugar-free, delicious and a quick 5 minutes to prepare. VedaFoods is perfect for those who may be insulin resistant, pre-diabetic, diabetic or are just plain wanting to lead a more sugar-conscious, health-conscious lifestyle.

VedaFoods offers five different flavors; Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Thai. Each variety has different spices which add an array of flavors and tastes. Many spices are rich in medicinal properties, so VedaFoods are not only delicious; they are also medicinal, which restores balance. Check them out on www.VedaFoods.com. The best part? You can order VedaFoods on-line, it comes in convenient pouches that take 5 minutes to make and each pouch serves 2 people.

 Dr. Jay Apte is a highly experienced, India-trained Ayurveda practitioner in Silicon Valley. She has an integrated degree in Allopathic and Ayurveda Medicine from Pune University in India. In addition she also has a masters degree in the bi-medical sciences (pharmacology) and has completed coursework for a master degrees in nutritional sciences from the University to California at Berkeley. Her sole focus is to provide the very best Ayurveda (holistic) health care, including Panchakarma treatments, by bridging Eastern wisdom and Western knowledge together. She has a Wellness Health Center in Mountain View, California where she treats clients. She is currently a board member of the National Ayurveda Medical Association and a past president of the California Association of Ayurveda Medicine.  

You can find out more about eating and living a healthier lifestyle by visiting:  VedaFoods at http://www.VedaFoods.com

DISCLAIMER: Any advice or subject covered in this blog are from our own personal experiences. Please seek proper counsel from your own personal advisors whether it be your doctor for medical and or health issues, an accountant for financial advice or any professional necessary. Before making any decisions using information contained in our Video’s, Podcasts, websites, teleconferences or any other form of communication, you should receive advice from your licensed professionals. All information is subject to verification, errors and omissions.

About the Authors:

Mitchell Levy is the Chief Instigator of Ahas at the Aha Amplifier and Chief Marketing Officer at VedaFoods. Mitchell has coached tens of thousands of individuals on improving their work lives and running their businesses better. He has 30+ years of thought leadership, strategy planning and sales/marketing experience, is a former board member, CEO & advisor of many organizations, has written 46 business books and created over 70 University courses. To find out more about Mitchell, visit http://mitchelllevy.com

Carly Alyssa Thorne  is a speaker, author, consultant, producer, and director on Conscious Business Collaborations, specializing in multi-sensory, multimedia, and the mind-body-business-spirit interconnectedness. Carly has worked with individuals, families, and companies on comprehensive health programs and led numerous retreats. To find out more about Carly, visit http://www.CarlyAlyssaThorne.com.

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January 20th, 2016



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